*The cushioned pintle mount will reduce the slams and bangs associated with trailer towing during starting, stopping and towing over roughsurfaces. Reducing these jolts helps to protect your towing vehicle's driveline, hitch assembly and trailer contents.
Part Number Product Description
AM-PC-1 Cushioned Pintle Mounting Bar - 4 Hole, Not adjustable
AM-PC-2 Cushioned Pintle Mounting Bar - 8 Hole, Height Adjustable.
AM-PC-3 Cushioned Pintle Mounting Bar - 10 Hole, Height Adjustable
AM-AC-1 Aftermarket Adjustable Coupler
BA-1 Ball Mount Adapter, may be used as drop or riser. Shank hole is 1" dia.
CA-1 Clevis Pin Adapter, Designed as an Agricultural clevis hitch and may be used as a ball mount. Shank hole is 1" dia.
PA-1 Pintle Hitch Adapter

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